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retailmotus is a multi-channel, retailer engagement solution. It enables you to influence retailers through field sales, telephone account management and branded mobile engagement applications. Insight from across all methods of engagement is held centrally within the solution, enabling you to analyse and visualise key data and trends through our business intelligence capability.


Retail Execution

Our retail execution application enables sales teams to access in-call objectives, create sales aids and collect data and images to support in-store activity. It empowers sales teams to prioritise in-store action and develop relationships with retail staff.

Telephone Account Management

Telephone Account Management

The Telephone Account Management module enables you to build and maintain relationships with retailers. The module can be used to complement field visits, sell in promotions or qualify opportunities.



Mobile Analytics

Our mobile analytics module can help field agents make sense of data on the move and enable engaging, sales orientated conversations with retailers.


Business Intelligence

Analyse and visualise your data to identify key trends and opportunities. Utilise our Business Insight capability to bring
together disparate data sources and combine them with retailmotus to help define your channel strategy.


Online Merchandising

Whilst retail merchandising in physical stores is an important and carefully executed scheme, merchandising online is still to some degree, a guessing game. Our solution ensures availability of brands at retailer websites, maximizes online intelligence and the ability for products to be sold on-line, 24/7.


Retailer Engagement

Our Retailer Engagement module is a branded, mobile application which can be deployed directly to retailers. Brands can push notifications to retailers with relevant, targeted offers or request information such as product availability or images of fixtures. The module can also be used by retailers to place orders, access reward programmes or request contact from their field sales representative.


Next Best Action

retailmotus provides a dynamic and data driven approach to retail execution. Utilising multiple data sources, retailmotus can be configured to automate the process of defining both call frequency and the specific actions to be taken in store that would most influence ROI. With a multi-channel contact strategy, retailmotus could also determine the most cost effective method of contact based upon the opportunity value.

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